PC/104 & PC/104-Plus Peripherals

Although MPL Processor boards are well equipped with standard I/O, there are always additional I/O needs in a system. Therefore, we provide a selection of peripheral cards to extend the capabilities of the MPL processor boards. (PIP, MIP, IPM, PanelPC)

The options below can also be used with products other than MPL processor boards. If you can't find the interface you need for your application, you also can use PC/104 and PC/104-Plus boards from other manufacturers.

• Third Party PC/104 Peripherals (compatible with MPL products)

MPL PC/104 I/O cards

• OSCI - PC/104+ multichannel serial I/O

• LAN104 - PC/104+ single/dual channel 10/100Mbit ethernet controller

• SPIDERLAN - 4/8 port ethernet switch, PC/104 form factor

• PATI - PC/104+ intelligent I/O (analog, digital) MPC555 based

• PCCARD - PC/104+ dual slot PCcard adapter

• IDE2PC / IDE2CF - PC104 PCcard and CompactFlash adapters with IDE interface.